34% of Business Buyers come from a single source – Find out where to sell your business

Deciding where to sell your business?

Deciding where to sell your business is one of the most important decisions you will make when selling your business.

To maximise your enquiries, you need to write a great ad and make sure your ad is seen by more buyers.  

We’ve previously written about the 5 best websites to list your business for sale, based on unique visits, bounce rate and pages per visit. So, in this update we wanted to focus on which websites generate the most actual enquiries.

To do this we had our team compile every enquiry received for every business listed, remove the duplicate enquiries and then ranked the websites we use by the number of enquires received.

The clear winner for enquiries received is Any Business with 34% of enquiries sent.

If you’ve read our previous post comparing the 5 best websites this result may surprise you. Given that (Spoiler Alert) Seek Business has more unique monthly views than Any Business and you would typically expect more views to equal more enquiries.

The other surprising result is Gumtree at 9%. Some sellers we work with have listed their business on Gumtree directly meaning this number may be higher if all were included.

However, the biggest takeaway is you need to advertise your business for sale on all the major business for sale websites to ensure your ad is seen by more buyers.

34% of Business Buyers come from a single source - Find out where to sell your business

Ready to sell your business?

If you are ready to sell your business you need a great ad to attract buyers attention. 

Check our guide below or compare our listing packages. 

Please note: Data is as at noon 7th September 2020 and will not updated. 

The proportion of enquiries received from each site may change over time.

Enquiries were calculated for businesses listed with Direct Business Hub only and may not be representative of the total number of enquiries received by each site.


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