How to write the perfect ad when selling your business

How to write the perfect ad

A well written ad will not just get the buyers attention but will also demonstrate why they should enquire on your business. Your ad and your business must cut through to gain the attention of the buyer as you are competing with every other business listing.

A great way to start is to make a list of the things you like about your business, what are the positive points, the features, the benefits, the strengths and the opportunities. Think about why you started your business and what problems you solve for people. 

We also recommend you don’t name, or identify, your business in the ad.

What do buyers want in a business?

People don’t just randomly start searching for a business. They are looking for a business for a reason. The more attributes your business offers, the more appealing your business will be and this helps you get your business SOLD!

What are the key attributes your business offers?

1) Financial security, cashflow, income profits, consistency, margins, growth

2) Lifestyle, family friendly hours, a reasonable working week, holidays and time off

3) Security, customer databases, forward bookings

4) Value for money, a price that relates to the profit, wages, included assets

5) What is included in the sale – assets in great condition and owned, business trading name, website, Facebook and social media accounts, mobile number

6) Training and support – ensure the ad offers help and support as part of the sale

7) What are the key skills or qualification a buyer needs. Sales, marketing, management, trade

8) What is the reason for sale? People want to know the sale is genuine.

9) What awards, accreditations, licences, reflect the business in a positive light

10) Does the business offer, signage, exposure, easy parking, traffic flow and is there development or growth to enhance the area? If you work from home what are the advantages such as flexibility, no rent, low fixed costs, no landlord.

How to structure your Ad

The Headline

This should include a key word, your industry and perhaps the area or region. 

Here’s some examples: 

1) Profitable Wholesale Business Sydney

2) Waterfront Café Brisbane

3) Import & Export Distribution Online

4) Commercial Lawn Mowing run Hunter Valley

5) Freehold storage sheds Central Coast

The ad summary / tagline 

This should be a catchy introductory key point and the industry you operate within. This is an extension of the headline but in a sentence.

Here’s some examples: 

1) An incredible, long-established Takeaway Cafe situated in a busy, industrial area in a popular Sydney suburb – Freehold/real estate lease options available.

2) Profitable Long Day Care Centre, within 10 minutes from Brisbane, this 39-place long day care centre, presents an exciting opportunity with exceptional value.

3) Profitable and successful licensed cafe set in a breathtaking location 15 minutes from Adelaide, with fabulous potential to continue to grow the business as well as a 5x5x5 lease option.

4) This highly profitable and easy to operate retail and trade home improvement store 15 minutes from Melbourne CBD is very well-established and with solid performance.

5) This exciting and profitable flooring franchise provides a flexible working lifestyle and an excellent return on investment for a new owner.

Writing the body/description of your ad

By now, you’ve already got the buyers attention and you need to keep them engaged and interested in your business. 

This part of the ad is where you integrate and describe your businesses best attributes (from the list of 10 points above) in sentences. A typical ad might highlight your businesses best 3 – 5 attributes. 

It is always worth mentioning which suburb or region your business operates from, even if this is general in nature. If you do not want to reveal your exact suburb, simply list the approximate travel time from the nearest major city / town. 

The last sentence of the ad should motivate the buyer to proceed – so make it punchy. 

See the below example of a standard ad format. 

The images in your advert

You have the choice to use photos of your business or from your website or social media. The alternative is to use free (we recommend pixabay for free images) or purchased stock images (try Shutterstock).

When using or choosing photos make sure that;

1) The quality and resolution suits websites

2) The images are approved for use or owned by you

3) The images best showcase your business, your industry & the type of buyer you are trying to attract

4) The photos don’t disclose the identity of your business

Final tips

Once you have written your ad in full and are happy with it. Walk away, don’t publish it straight away. Once you click preview is your ad is saved in our system. 

Have another look after an hour or so with fresh eyes. Look to edit, fix any grammatical mistakes and remove useless words and sentences that are not needed.

Check you are happy that you have the location as the closest town, region or area if you do not want your suburb known and seen.

Check you have included all the businesses key attributes and qualities. Ask yourself, are you satisfied your ad reflects the business, demonstrates your unique selling points and competitive advantages etc

Look and compare your ad with other similar businesses ads on business for sale websites. Compare your photos/images and how their ad reads to relative to yours.

Once you are happy – Congratulations, publish your ad.

Then go get a drink or take a break while it loads, (generally less than 5 minutes) but don’t forget to check your listing on the website to see how it looks.

Remember, you can always edit your advert if required.

Here’s an example of a standard business for sale ad format.  


Childcare Centre 39 place – Newcastle area


This independent family owned long day care centre is in a thriving growth suburb within 10 minutes from Newcastle.



This purpose built and designed childcare centre has been lovingly renovated with no expense spared.

The look and the feel is impressive! The outdoor area offers multiple areas for play and learning activities and can only be described as a child’s wonderland. Inside, there are several air-conditioned rooms, office and kitchen area and a full mezzanine area to store everything!

The centre operates with best practice in mind. The quality team of staff engage and connect brilliantly with the children, families and the community which is evident by the occupancy levels that are consistent.

An extensive and valuable list of assets is included in the sale. Additionally, a new buyer has the security of a new, long-term 10-year lease, with a further 10-year option.

If you are looking to own and operate a childcare centre that has a qualified team ready to back you then you should enquire now! 

Ready to sell your business?

If you are ready to sell your business you need to know where to find active business buyers. 

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