5 Best websites to sell your business

5 best websites to sell your business.

Deciding where to sell your business is absolutely critical, after all, a buyer can’t buy your business if they can’t find it.

In this post we’ve analysed the top business for sale websites to help you make a the right decision.

Our methodology

Before we get into it the numbers – how did we do it?

We used SEMrush to provide the results used in our analysis so all the data is publicly available (with a free trial) and can’t be disputed. The comparison month is May 2020.

We considered asking the websites for their enquiry data but we would have no way to verify the numbers they gave us which would make it open to manipulation. 

So let’s jump in to the results: 

Unique Visits

Unique visits, as the name suggests, is the number of visitors who visit a site during the relevant month.

This is possibly the most important metric when deciding where to list your business. Because, naturally, the more unique visitors to a business for sale website, the more chances one of those visitors will be the buyer of your business.  

1. Seek Business

First place goes to Seek Business with 112k unique visitors in the month.

Seek is the clear winner here with almost double the unique visits of their nearest rival. We put this down to Seek’s well-known brand as an online recruitment company.

2. Any Business

Second place goes to Anybusiness with 61k unique visitors in the month.

Importantly though Anybusiness’s unique views are growing fast. Six months ago, anybusiness had 36k unique views that’s a whopping 67% increase.

For comparison, Seek’s unique view’s rose 4% and the combined total of other sites grew 7.68% in the same period.

3. Bsale

Rounding out the top 3 is bsale with a respectable 46k unique visitors.

Bounce Rate

For those who aren’t familiar with web terms, the bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

A lower bounce rate is preferable because this means the buyers are viewing more than just the home page and have more change of seeing your ad.

1. Businesses View

First place goes to businessesview with a bounce rate of 38% for the month.

Businessesview’s website has an easy to navigate home page and they really make it easy to browse their listings.

A word of caution here though, bounce rates can change dramatically from month to month. In April businessesview’s bounce rate was 58%.

2. Seek Business

Second place goes to SeekBusiness with a bounce rate of 41%.

3. Any Business

Rounding out the top 3 is AnyBusiness with a bounce rate of 43%

Pages per visit

Put simply, the more pages a user views while they are on a business for sale website the more chances they will be looking at your ad.

A word of caution here though. It is not a simple as it seems. In fact, statistically speaking, the more businesses a buyer enquires on, the less likely they are to make an eventual purchase.

Ultimately, this makes sense; a serious buyer knows what they are looking for and is ready to go when they find it. 

Did you know that 68% of business buyers investigate less than 5 businesses before purchasing a business

So, with that disclaimer the results are: 

1. Seek Business

SeekBusiness in first place with an average page view of 8.84 for the month.

2. Any Business

Second place goes to AnyBusiness with an average page view of 4.28 for the month.

3. Businesses View

In third place is BusinessesView with an average page view of 2.96 for the month.

The overall winner is:

Based on our analysis of the 5 best websites to sell your business, if you could only advertise your business on one site, the winner would be SeekBusiness, but the good news is – You don’t have to use just one site.

In fact, choosing just one business for sale website would be a huge mistake because even though SeekBusiness has more unique views than any other site – SeekBusiness only makes up 42% of the unique views for the month.

Remember, a buyer can’t buy your business if they can’t find it.

Ready to sell your business?

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Want more details?

NameUnique VisitorsPages per VisitBounce RatePrice for a six month ad package
(including GST)
Business 2 Sell16,6002.4070%Contact for price
Businesses View27,1002.9638%Not Available
Seek Business112,2008.8441%$385
Total262,5004.28 (Average)52% (Average) $1,264

Please note: Our analysis didn’t include all “Business For Sale” websites. For example BusinessSales.com.au wasn’t included. 


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